An At-Home Doctor for Children

In Home Pediatric care in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and ArcadiaA children’s doctor who makes house calls is the ideal solution when a trip to the emergency room isn’t warranted and an office appointment is inconvenient.

Before Dr. Suhir Bitar began making in-home visits, a parent had a difficult choice to make when a child suffered from illness or injury that was not serious but still required a physician.

The options: Rearrange busy work and school schedules for a clinic appointment, or head to the emergency room, where a children’s doctor may not be available and treatment for even common maladies was expensive.

Dr. Bitar is a Scottsdale-Fountain Hills children’s doctor who has been a practicing pediatrician for nearly 25 years. Offering the same level of medical care that is administered in a clinic or hospital, she travels to area homes to treat children and adolescents, accompanied by a Medical Assistant and all the supplies required to make comprehensive diagnoses and treatments.

In addition to the 24-hour convenience of a house call, in-home visits by a children’s doctor offer other benefits to parents and children:

  • House calls enable the physician to spend more time with your sick child.
  • Children are more relaxed during an examination in the home, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.

The area’s only mobile children’s doctor also makes evening and weekend house calls. To schedule a visit by Dr. Bitar, call 480-757-HOME (4663).


"Great doctor. Very caring and loving, glad to have her around." - M.A.